Monday, February 6, 2012

Our sabbatical of February 2012-California, Mexico and Hawaii

This is a very different kind of sabbatical, quite self-indulgent and relaxing. The best part is that we avoid February in Boston. We arrived in San Diego, enjoyed a few days there, walking for miles under perfect blue skies, temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Balboa Park, home of dozens of museums, was our first destination. A highlight was a tour of the San Diego Art Museum. Actually, the real highlight was a drink at a restaurant, La Prada, that we've been to several times before. Their mojitos are fantastic. We walked the San Diego waterfront a little before sunset, spent Friday in La Jolla, an elegant and beautiful town about 40 minutes from downtown.
On Saturday morning, we boarded the bus for Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico. The best description is that this is summer camp for adults. The food is both delicious and healthy, there are an amazing number of classes. I've taken tennis lessons, done circuit training, ride and glide (part-spinning and part gliding different body parts on plates that slide easily on carpet, yoga, hiking. This is ashtanga yoga week with a beautiful teacher from San Diego. I could go on and on. Roy has even done pilates!! People are from all over Canada and the U.S., most interesting and friendly. We're physically exhausted but are enjoying the activity tremendously. And the grounds are spectacular in a rustic, rugged way. This is not a fancy spa; it is for people interested in both physical activity and mind/body work. The ranch is nestled in the mountains and, if one chooses, there are some pretty serious mountain hikes. So far, we haven't made it up at 6:15 a.m. to get on board. I'm not sure we will. There is a garden hike that we will take where one hikes to the organic garden that they have here. Breakfast is served there and is supposed to be quite spectacular.
We're here until Saturday, then on to Los Angeles where we'll spend some time with friends, also see Laura and Jared who are planning to come for the weekend.

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