Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear friends and family,
We leave tomorrow for Jerusalem, having had the most extraordinary week in Haifa.  We have been welcomed with open arms and treated like royalty.  Edgar and Deborah Nof,  Ammi and Anat Perelman, and Yuri, the Or Hadash president, have been extraordinarily kind and generous, entertaining us and taking us to places that are totally off the beaten path.  We've been to a winery where they make wines from everything from carrots to passion fruit, walked along the beach in Haifa with Edgar several times, eaten the best felafel in Haifa, enjoyed fabulous dinners and had the most remarkable experiences.  Today was the first day it has rained in a long time; there is a drought and rain is badly needed.  Ammi drove Julie Vanek, Roy and me to some beautiful places outside of Haifa.  The highlight was a "Spice Ranch," a kibbutz that grows spices.  One could spend the entire day there eating!  In addition to a tremendous variety of spices, they have freshly made granola, halvah, soups, salad toppings, rice flavorings.  Needless to say, we stocked up for our move to Jerusalem.  
We finally did a little singing.  We performed a little at the end of Shabbat services, also sang tonight after Havdallah.  This is a marvelous, tight-knit Jewish community and we will miss being here.

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